Certify your space to meet or exceed Global building health standards.

What is Future Proof

The Future Proof Certification process begins with a human-centered organizational strategy that combines scientific and creative approach’s to occupant health and building comfort. Upon completing the Three Tiers of Future Proof Certification, your workplace health and design standards will be equal to, or better than most International Green Building Standards that focus on human health and wellbeing.

Start Here

Tier One

Space Audit, Recommendations & Implementation.

Initial Consultation

1 Select the office environment and occupants to be audited
2 Create a master audit record for future data

Survey and Testing

1 Conduct atmosphere tests: water, air, acoustical.
2 Review and analyze results,
3 Implement survey,
4 Analyze results.
5 Make recommendations

and Support

1 Project Management
2 Evaluate fully certifying the workplace

Tier Two

Optimal Employee Health linked to Organizational Strategy.

Measure Impact

1 Re-Conduct atmosphere tests: water, air, acoustical.
2 Review and analyze results against first set
3 Implement second survey,
4 Analyze results. Measure Impact of changes

Space Modification
Integrate Data with Design

Implement evidence-based modifications to improve the quality of air, water and light.

Integrate Data with Policy

Consult with Internal staff to implement and refine internal policies to reflect new standards. Internal messaging support.

Tier Three

Developing a Health- Centered Corporate Culture.

Strategic Planning

1 Understand and document the importance of employee well-being to business productivity and success.
2 Implement Chief Wellness Officer role.


1 Manage change and evolution by continuing to measure, survey and reflect on gaps and success.
2 Refine corporate goals.

Global Health Partnerships

Integrate Corporate mandate to reflect support of the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

People Above All Program

Credit Unions

We offer specialized and individualized programming available to support the Canadian Credit Union commitment to community, economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Our ‘People Above All Program’ provides evidence-based knowledge, skills, and tools that will contribute significantly to your effectiveness in enhancing focus and taking progressive action on employee, customer, community, and environmental health. This program is designed for business executives and senior leaders with responsibility for shaping or implementing policies, practices, initiatives, strategies, or programs that impact those you touch.

We work with organizations that want to be on the forefront of implementing systems and policies that support occupant health through the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote continuous improvement in our spaces. Matthews Design Group is proud to be part of the global movement to transform our buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

We believe in People. Above all.